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There are things we don't want it to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn and people we can't live without but have to let go.

The Blue Cow Cafe.

Now this is one cafe you will definitely HAVE TO visit! Yes. I am dead serious. Not because you can find alot of rare blue cows there, it's because you will get mouthwatering food! ;)

The food's awesome that I tagged along with my mother to see her long lost friends on a Thursday night. The Blue Cow Cafe was our meet up place. This cafe was formally known as Fogal, which I personally think it sounds so much better than The Blue Cow Cafe. No pun intended.

So come let's have a look at the menu.

While waiting for my mother's friends to arrive, a look at how half the place looks.

Now you better brace yourself for what is coming up next.

My glass of Lemon & Lime juice.
Less ice.
Tasted like how a normal lemon and lime juice would taste.

My mother's Tomato soup.
It's a MUST TRY!

My Salmon Steak.
Tasted awesome insane.

Beef Steak, well done.
The plate's licked clean.

Bacon salad.
The plate's clean too.

Pork Sausages.
Awesomely good too!
(dammit I am getting hungry at this point)

A basket of the town's best potato wedges.

You can have a look at how the cooking is done.

Oh yes. There's construction works going on from the view of the cafe.

Another phrase of Plaza Damas.

Plus construction works going on beside it on an Istana.
Just look at the vastly HUGE piece of land.

The Blue Cow Cafe.
(formally known as Fogal)

It is a MUST to visit this place not once, but forever, if you know how to enjoy western meals that taste awesomely insane. :)

At Sri Hartamas, Plaza Damas.

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